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PPF Aircaps

PPF Aircaps offer a cost competitive product that is lightweight and has design flexibility to improve airflow. The key characteristics of our PPF Aircaps are outlined below:

• Low cost Value
– PPF Air caps offer a cost competitive product that gives greater design flexibility to improve airflow

• Lightweight
– 70-80% mass reduction compared to injection molded
– Applications have resulted in 2-5 pound weight savings compared to blow molding or injection molding

• Insulation
– PPF can be formulated to provide better insulation for maintaining internal air temperature
– Reflective layers can be added to reduce temperature variations within the duct

– As a layered structure, nonwovens are easily added to eliminate the need for foam pads

• Design
– 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm thickness range
– Product is scalable to provide additional stiffness if required of the aircap
– Excellent draft angles and draws

• Air Permeability
– Zero air permeability
– Not necessary to add barrier films

PPF Headliner PPF Headliner PPF Headliner PPF Headliner